Total Recall’ Reboot Stars Share Their Secret Obsessions

Thousands of fans gathered in Southern California to feed their comic book and film obsessions at Comic-Con this week, but what indulgences were on the stars’ minds?
“Books. I’m an obsessive reader. I probably should read less – it’s like an addiction,” Kate Beckinsale — who hit up the annual convention to promote her upcoming “Total Recall” reboot – admitted to Access Hollywood’s Scott “Movie” Mantz of her reading obsession during an interview at the 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif., on Friday. “I studied French and Russian, so I like those, but I like the modern novel and I loved ‘Harry Potter.’ I’m really sad about that being over.
“My daughter’s into ‘The Hunger Games’ now,” Kate continued, referencing Suzanne Collins sci-fi trilogy, which will soon be brought to the big screen in a film adaptation starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson. “I haven’t read that yet.”
As for Kate’s sexy “Total Recall” co-star Colin Farrell, the Irish-born actor’s obsessions were a bit more… diverse.
“I geek out about the idea of a sauna. I love saunas,” Colin told Scott, laughing. “Is it possible to geek out about the notion of saunas? Yeah. I love saunas!
“And peanut M&Ms and things,” he continued. “Ferrero-Rocher [candies] and football maybe — AKA soccer in America.”
See Kate and Colin team up (along with Jessica Biel and Bryan Cranston) in “Total Recall” – slated for release in August 2012.
kate beckinsale

kate beckinsale